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FIREWORKS, and Things Just Got Worse. It’s NaNo Day Five

November 5, 2010

Things just got worse for my characters, that is. I’m having a whale of a time.

It all got very bloody and betrayal-y. The next part will be even worse. The poor sausages.

I guessed the plot twist at the end(ish) of Halo: Reach. Boyfriend was not impressed.

Today’s short insert story was about Nick recharging his magic in a thunder storm, and him getting Teresa (safely) struck by lightning so she can experience having element magic (her lack of element magic is what gives her such a low caste in society).

And then back to the current timeline, where it all went seriously to shit. I’m talking entrails, people. Entrails.

Extract One
And then the glittering, speeding light made its arcing journey from the depths of the clouds, through the air, and slammed onto Nick’s grasping fingertips.

Teresa’s world turned to fire.

It shot down Nick’s arm, and filled his whole body, spreading across to hers. Burning and searing and blindingly white, and perfect. It lasted forever, stuck in a universe of colourless fire where breathing was impossible, and all she could do was cling on tight. This wasn’t being drunk on magic, or intoxicated; this was what having an orgasm was supposed to feel like, all over her body.

And then it was gone, and she was lying breathless, face up, in the rain. Mud pooled around her hair as it sank into the squelchy grass. Nick collapsed next to her.

Again and again, sucking oxygen into her lungs, as though she hadn’t breathed in years, gasping and spluttering – spitting out rainwater.

Extract Two
Nick jumped up, sliding on the gory floor, and skidded back to the wall. He grabbed up his borrowed sword, and then kicked Adrian hard in the stomach. In the back of his mind, he still thought Teresa could be brought back, that there was a chance. “Get up! Get up!”

Get up and help me – it’s all gone wrong.

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  1. November 5, 2010 10:24 pm

    ahaaa~ I recognise that orgasm scene (of total awesome).

    NO OMFG DRAMA. I’m going to pretend I didn’t read anything bad about Teresa. Yup, yup. No mention of it again to me. *washes from brain* Yay the drama!

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