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New look, and editing blues

December 23, 2010

Hay, I tarted the blog up a little – finally got the blogroll sorted. Also, the other blogs have been updated and organised a bit, if you want to check them out.

Predictably, the more work I have to do, the more desperate I am to write my novel. Which is same old, same old, because I only ever want to write when the only remaining option is even less appealing. (I do enjoy writing, honest).

The problem currently is that the chapter I’m redrafting is challenging, because I know it still doesn’t say any of the things I want it to say. We’re meeting Eurydice, the effortlessly badass leader of Kwiksilver Clan, in the Synth Quarter. There’s a story here, something I want to dig up, but I never seem to find it, and the whole thing falls flat on its face. Where it should be full of whacky new characters and an interesting but believable setting, it’s just dusty and…I don’t know, wonky.

Meanwhile, I’m still obsessed with the end. And there’s no point fantasising about that until I write all the stuff in between (and there is a lot in between). And it will only change another bazillion times.

But I did work out a sensible plot progression that explained everything last night. And I didn’t write it down. Hazy memory, here I come!

In the mean time – do enjoy Christmas and whatever else these holidays.
Feeling suitably Advent-y (it is, after all, Christmas Eve Eve, as my brother calls it).
Off to ignore my essay and work more on this damn Synth Quarter.

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  1. December 23, 2010 6:28 pm

    Oh onee. One day you will wright it all and the world ( and the sci-fi shelf) shall be better off for it. Eurydiceeeee~!

    Currently trying to wright these registration forms for Xanadice. This is hard… I don’t even know England enough to pass the citizenship test (in my defence, I had Greg yelling convincing answers in my ear) let alone Xanadice. Plus, I’ll have to write an extra series of super mini stories for people to answer this shizz lol

    Currently on a iPhone, keeheehee, but I’ll read through any new work you’ve uploaded if you have.

    I miss you because I’m clingy for Mitch like that. X

    • December 23, 2010 8:57 pm

      Oh, you’re adorkable.

      Yeah, that’s…quite a challenge you’ve put for yourself.
      I was thinking ‘I’d love if I could set up a whole role-play site set in the Synth Quarter…’ and then stopped myself like NO. NO. THIS SOUNDS LIKE WORK. AND A HUGE PROJECT. AND YOU HAVE A BAZILLION ALREADY.

      I…don’t think I uploaded any work recently. Well, couple of articles on the forums. Which I will totally add to the weebly. At some point. I’m forgetful.

      I love you too, dear. Miss the whole lot of you.

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