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New Angelus upload; and The Edit begins

January 18, 2011

Chapter Two of the Angelus audio book is complete. The voice acting is even better than before, as everyone settles into their characters. I had a hilarious go at trying to narrate this chapter – it’s fair the say the results were mixed. As always, to listen to it, check out the official blog, Angelus Upstream, for more details.
Alternatively, here it is on YouTube .
We also have a bloopers and out-takes video.

In other news, I’ve started the whole new rewrite of Colours Don’t Run; and to have something to look back at when it comes to writing the reflective piece for uni, I’ma log it all on my blog. Spoilers abound.

The rewrite started when I decided to switch Teresa from vague protagonist to the antagonist, and just let her be properly evil for a bit. It makes it a lot more fun to write, a bit more tragic, and definitely a lot more interesting. The hero and the villain have a lot personally invested in each other, there’s a connection between them, instead of a vague evil threat, like Annette was.

The new version starts with the thunder storm scene from the old draft, told as a flashback – to introduce us to Teresa as she was before she died. I also gave the thunder scene a plot-specific role – to top Nick’s magic up, which will be relevant later.

We then moved on to Heiko and Ute – which is another scene from the old draft, and I’d forgotten how fun it was. I ramped up the silly comments, and they’ve turned into quite useful, interesting characters.

As far as linking the novel to books we’ve read in the course, the old draft lent a lot to Moral Disorder by Margaret Atwood – using short stories as chapters, and skipping around in time and point-of-view. It was also told by a dead narrator from a kind of afterlife, like The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.
Of course, this time around, Nick is telling the story, and not Teresa, and the majority of it is in the right order (there’s a lot to be said for plain, normal old chronology). I panicked about not having any links – it’s part of the brief – but settled on a main theme from Lovely Bones. The younger sister is constantly compared to her dead older sister; in the same way that Nick is haunted by Teresa – that oh so awesome warrior student (she’s a lot more badass this time around, now that she’s not our main character).

Having done all that, the first 2000 words are going in to workshop on Thursday, so everyone will poke and critique it, and I’ll come back with their feedback.

So, that’s all folks. Don’t forget to check the audio book!

– Mitch

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  1. January 18, 2011 6:35 pm

    Yatta! Blogging about the edit process is a super idea and certainly a great way to clarify your decisions to yourself.

    Maybe I’ll start to understand your characters properly now. I’ve been dying to for the past few years. Hurrah! Go onee go. You really can do it.

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