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Wednesday Extra: Link-Dump

December 28, 2011

In the over-full drunken haze that is between Boxing Day and New Year, I give you a few interesting articles to look over in the absence of any cognitive thought on my part (I have an idea for Saturday post in the works, but it may not materialise, and I shall deny the whole thing).

As always, check out all those blogs on the blogroll!

io9 have an interesing article by Jess Nevins and Michelle Martinez on the history of science fiction, with a few names you probably haven’t heard before, Before Science Fiction.

Also at io9, a fantastically kitscy article on sci fi murals Walls of Wonder by Natalie Baaklini and Charlie Jane Anders. I really recommend this for the great artwork.

Over on Gameranx, Kris Ligman has written a great article, A Spectre’s Life For Me on why he prefers Mass Effect to the more traditional Star Wars and Star Trek, and discusses how to get your science fiction universe right.

On to continue the portfolio homework gloom.

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