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Wednesday Extra: Link-Dump

January 4, 2012

In the theme of ‘look it’s the holidays and I have homework and go away will you?’ – I present another link-dump to tide over into this legendary age I once heard of, called Having Time To Do Stuff.

Over on Locus Online (which you should all be reading, all the time), Cory Doctorow writes an article A Vocabulary For Speaking About The Future, neatly outlining all the things I hate about people who say that science fiction ‘predicts the future’ (an occupation I have always found a) expected of me, and b) incredibly boring).

Jeremy Wade writes a very entertaining The Biggest Jerks In Science Fiction at ScienceFiction.Com which…does exactly what it says on the tin.

Richard Brenneman posts a lecture by Robert J. Sawyer critiquing Star Wars against the science fiction that came before it. Whilst I find Sawyer’s conclusion a little weak, and don’t agree with everything he says, many of the points made about preceding science fiction literature and films are interesting, and it raises some good, if debatable, points.



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