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Who’s this chick?

Mitch K. Allan is a writer of fantasy and science fiction, for both children and adults. She also discusses all things geeky, sci-fi, and generally writerly because being dorky makes her happy.

She and W H Wood are writing an episodic science fiction adventure, Bloodshot Buck, over at BigWorldNetwork. The first three chapters are available to read and listen to for free.

Her short story THE SKY SHARD is available in Ignite, an indie-published anthology released on 3rd May in paperback and ebook.

Mitch has several novels in the drafting phase, and right now she’s working on A Girl Called Adam, a fantasy story for young adults.

She studied Writing Contemporary Fiction at Southampton Solent University, graduating in May 2012, and now volunteers as an associate editor at BigWorldNetwork.Com – an online platform for serialised fiction. Her day job is in the post room of an energy supplier in Winchester, UK.

You may have seen her swanning around Twitter pretending to be a man. She mostly resembles a mass of curly red hair, so she doesn’t mind if you think she’s a boy either.

This blog uses the free theme Vigilance by The Theme Foundry. The banner features the front cover of Bloodshot Buck, which was created by Mario Hernandez and the team at BigWorldNetwork – let me know if you want anyone’s contact details.

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