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First up, my co-author Willow Wood.

Some other places where I lurk, and some places you should visit too:

My Stories

Read Bloodshot Buck by myself and W H Wood
Buy Ignite

Squidoo Articles and Essays

Angels in Pop Culture
Is ‘The Red Tent’ fan fiction?
The Perfect Beta Reader
Five Ways To Hang Out Geek-Style

Big World Network
Some of the wonderful stories I’ve helped to edit at BigWorldNetwork

The Revolt of the Sorcerers by Daniel Mitchell
Lunar Grim by Paula Flumerfelt
The Darkness Under the Rainbow by Sam Kearns (completed)
The Second Crusade by Daniel Mitchell (completed)
Delroy Versus the Yshtari by Berin Stephens (completed)


mitch-the-writer: my author tumblr, where I chat about writing, Bloodshot Buck, and other related topics.
mitch-allan: my personal tumblr, where I chat about The Avengers, Homestuck, and other geeky things.

Angelus-related Stuff
Officially Angelus, the project’s website
Angelus Upstream, the project’s blog
Froxen Blue Audio Book, Willow’s sister project
Voice Acting Alliance Forums, where these lovely voice actors hail from

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