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What am I writing now?

When I’m not collaborating with Willow on Bloodshot Buck, I’m working on A Girl Called Adam, a novel I take another look at every time NaNoWriMo comes around. That is most likely what I will be doing if you ever pop online to have a chat with me.

Adam Banks is torn from her idyllic coastal village into the underground city of trains and fast food. She has to negotiate magicians, angels, and a grumpy girl called Diesel. Beneath it all lies the mysterious House of the Gods, the only place Adam can obtain the help she needs to save her home.


What’s this Angelus thing?

It’s an odd science fiction adventure, set in 2219AD whilst humanity is under attack from an alien species. The novel follows Kristian Senft, a ‘spooker’ who guides the souls of the dying. After a run-in with the alien queen causes his team-mates to suspect he is an enemy agent, Kristian must escape into the Wasteland: a dangerous zone filled with radiation, aliens, and the mysterious synths – humanity’s forgotten experiments who have been left to die…

Angelus is a novel I’m still editing (probably from now until the end of time itself). It started out as a beautifully broken thing from NaNoWriMo 2008, and has been endlessly poured over ever since. I submitted the first three chapters as my final major project at university.

Some fantastic people are also turned the first few chapters of my old draft into a super-cool amateur audio book – which is amazingly fun. I urge you to check it out simply because the acting and organisation is so brilliant (none of it down to me). They surprise me each time a new episode is uploaded with their talent. Unfortunately, because of time constraints and significant alterations to the novel, this project has now ended. But I hope to work with the team again one day.


The Rift

When Damien Moore moves to live with his cousins, he very quickly finds that the sleepy country town has a secret; it guards the rift between this world and that of folklore. Various monsters, imps, fairies, and other creatures weird and wonderful walk the streets, living and working with the townspeople. Damien has to learn to get over his initial prejudices and fears, and is taught the power of friendship by the band of mad but well-meaning characters.

Also very working title, The Rift is the result of my first attempt at NaNoWriMo in 2007. If you thought Trains sounded silly, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

This one crosses the line of Silly and goes into pure Barmy. I also think it’s monkey-barrels of fun.

One of these days it’ll be redrafted into a children’s story, with a plot and less narmy cliches.

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